Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I'm blessed to have a group of very speical friends. There's 8 of us and we have known each other forever! I am working on more scrap pages for "My Friends" scrapbook. I hope to finish it by mid August. Scrapping 45 years of memories does take awhile. It's hard to believe some of us have been friends since were were 5 yrs old. This is a very special year for us, we all turned 50 this year. To celebrate, "the girls" are going to Florida in August.

Doodle of the Day - Never take your friends for granted


Donna said...

You're sooo lucky to have eight friends all the same age! I can't imagine. I grew up in a city where everyone left home and lost touch. I've got friends but not like you! Wow. Wonder if you're living in a small town?

Lynn said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Donna.
We grew up in the suburbs of a big city. I think the main reason we are all still so close is because we went to an all girls high school. We got to know the "real" person. No one was trying to impress the boys, because they weren't there. That was all done after school and on weekends. You found out who your real friends were because they did not act different when the boys were around.

The other reason is because we work at it. It's easy to forget about your friends when you don't see them regularly and we did not want that to happen to us. We get together once a month and have done this since we got out of high school.

Anonymous said...

Lynn has always been a good friend to me. But it does take work to maintain a friendship like we have with girls from grade school and high school. You have to want to do it. It is easier to be married than to keep friendships going. You take your spouse for granted,they will just be there. A friend you need to call and maintain communication with them. A good friend starts off right where you left off. It is comfortable. You don't have to talk every day.