Sunday, August 13, 2006

I love playing cards!

I had forgotten how much I enjoy playing cards. My friends and I spend many hours playing cards when we were younger. Somehow, the card playing faded as other things took priority. 2 weeks ago,while I was on vacation with my girlfriends, we spent the evening hours playing cards. WOW..... did I have fun. It brought back all the memories of the good times we have had over the years.

Friday I called my friend Sandi and asked if she and Mark wanted to play cards???? I told her "I needed to play.... I was having withdrawal pains." We played cards Saturday night and into the wee hours of Sunday the morning, boy did I have fun. We played euchre, 500 and pitch. Pitch is my favorite, but I like them all. I think everyone enjoyed it, except maybe Phil who doesn't play cards and was trying to learn some of the games. Maybe next time he will sit in on a hand or two.

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