Thursday, June 19, 2008

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Last night my friend Gayle and I went to Homarama.  It's a yearly event where builders showcase 1 home.  There were 10 homes and they were priced from 1.7 to 2.4 million dollars.  They were HUGE, some were 9000 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. 

I just don't get it, if I were purchasing a home for that amount, it certainly would not want to be right next to my neighbors.  These houses were probably only 25 feet apart.  I would want a little land around it, at least 5 acres.  And I like a more open floor plan.  These houses all had lots of rooms, but seemed cut up with lots of wasted space.  They all had the latest gadgets, one even had a tv in the footboard of the bed, which I thought was stupid and way to close to watch, most others had the TV above a fireplace in the bedroom.   All the homes seemed to be decorated alike, I hate the trend of the curtains laying on the floor.  I think that looks stupid.  My favorite things were the big bathrooms with huge showers and the organized mud rooms.  Most of the kitchens were really nice but some of them were small compared to the rest of the house.   Anyway, it was interesting to see how the other half lives.............over half of the houses were already sold. 

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Bunny Cates, digital-scrapbooking.org said...

maybe someday, when we're rich and famous, we too can afford some digs like those! lol...

*and then we'll wake up and life will return to normal, but hey.. if only for a little while...*