Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July and DSO is back, YAY!

First off, Happy Fourth of July! You know summer is really here when it's the 4th of July!!!  I hope everyone has a great Independence Day!

Are you ready???? Did you have withdrawal??? I sure did, but DSO is finally back.  All of it, the store, the gallery and the forum.  And DSO has a different web host so we won't be getting any of those stupid error screens!

You will need to re-register in the forum and gallery because the old ones are gone forever.  Poor Bunny had to start from scratch and create completely new ones. She was able to save the store database, so you should be good to go there.  There's going to be lots of new exciting things going on...so stay tuned.

The June and July Challenges are posted, so if you participated in any June challenges, you need to post your layout in the new gallery in order to get your posting bonus. 

Here's the posting bonus for the July IRON CHEF Recipe Challenge.  The challenge has changed a little so be sure and read the rules.   Can you guess the SECRET INGREDIENT???  You don't have to cook or have recipes to do this challenge!!  Now go get busy and show me some layouts!!!


There is also a fabulous new Mega Kit, Traditional Independence and you can get if for free just by doing all of the July challenges.

Relax on this wonderful 4th of July holiday and take a few minutes to check out the new and improved DSO!


LeAndrea - DoodleLT said...

Great posting bonus Lynn, the only problem is I don't cook. LOL Hubby is the chef in this house.

LiviaY said...

Your PB is fantastic Lynn... Even though I'm like Doodle and don't really cook, I took a peak at the challenge and... YUMMY! My favorite!!!

Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

OK girls, no cooking is needed to do the recipe challenge... you just have to scrap a picture of the secret ingredient! Everyone has some Ice Cream pictures...like from a birthday party! Come on girls, you can do it! PS: glad you like the posting bonus.

abhall76 said...

I am loving your posting bonuses this month for both challenges. I have one done already and ideas for the second!