Sunday, November 09, 2008

Yeah!!! They won the Super Bowl!!

My grandson Clayton's football team (he's there on the right)  just won their Super Bowl! 

He sure loves football and he is good (if I do say so myself) but that's because he loves it!  It's so nice when a child finds a sport they love.  I think playing sports so good for kids and helps keeps them out of trouble! 

His team was undefeated and this game was a nail biter!  They won 8-O and Clayton scored the 8 points!  Here are some photos taken by sports photographer W. Litmer.   It is so nice of him to provide links for us to post photos to our web sites.






These photos were taken by Bryan.




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1 comment:

Shannon said...

Congrats Lynn - you must be so proud! :) Those are some great photos - will there be a football themed kit in your future?