Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do you make blinkies? Get a Freebies & win a $10 coupon for my products

Do you make blinkies?  If so, would you like to make me one or two?  I really need some new blinkies.  Everyone that makes a blinkie for me will get this freebie.  I'll pick one or two and they will get a $10 coupon for any of my products.   Contest ends January 31st.


So all you have to do to get this freebie is make me a blinkie!  

The blinkie must say LPand3dogs Designs on it.  It could also say:  I love LPand3dogs Designs or Fan of LPand 3dogs Designs.

Just e-mail your blinkie to me at lpand3dogs@gmail.com.

I sure hope someone makes me a blinkie!!!! Please!!!!

Or if you know of a good blinkie maker you can also send me a link to their store, I'd be happy to buy some too!



charlie said...

What a great idea and that kit is fantabulous!

Bunny Cates said...

just runnin thru the DSO Train.

Good luck on your blinkie maker hunt!!!

Heather said...

I'd be happy to make you one. Or two. =)
Do you want me to make them out of thin air, or would you like to specify colors and words?