Monday, February 23, 2009

Miss my Mom & Dad

Well, Mom and Dad left yesterday to go back to Ohio, I miss them already.  The house is so quiet.  It was so nice having them here for a month, but the time sure went fast.  They have decided that next year they are staying longer!   Yeah!!

Four of my girlfriends from Ohio will be here on Friday, so things will be crazy around here for a week!  I hope they don’t drive Phil too crazy, LOL!    We have been friends since I was 5 years old.  We went to grade school and high school together.  We laugh so much when we are all together.

I am so bless to have such good friends! 

Here’s a layout I did from some photos from around 1963.  Yep, I’m OLD, really OLD!  LOL

Left Photo:  I’m the one with the ponytails 

Right Photo:  I’m the one on the left, the tall one.


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