Tuesday, April 07, 2009

3 new additions to our house & New Eggy kit

Today we bought 3 pony tail palms.  Their owner was moving and I got a great deal on them!  The last one needs a little TLC but I think it will be ok.




Eggy, that’s the name of my new Easter kit, it has a dozen colored easter eggs for you to play with on your layouts.  It’s on sale for only $2.80 right now so hurry and you will be ready for all those cute Easter photos!



Jessica DuHamel said...

Ooo your Eggy kit (love that name btw) is precious =) Thank you for the warm welcome to the DSO family. I'm very excited to be apart of such a wonderful group of ladies. {{HUGS}}

Beth Long said...

Hi there Lynn! Love the new kit... so stinkin' cute!!! Woohoo! Fun home additions too.... always fun to get new gear. {{HUGS}}

kllw357 said...

do you think that the ponytail plams need to be repotted... the pots look alittle small, oh and put some palm food on them... home depot or lowes should have it.... they are beautiful. they would look great in some bigger pots, and would definitely be happier.I am glad you got such a great deal on them.

Lynn, LPand3dogs Designs-Digi Scrap Obsession said...

Yes, the palms really do need repotting. Our plan is to put 2 in the ground and keep 1 in a pot on our lanai. I need to get it repotted soon.