Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What was it? Contest results….

We had some really good guesses!   But unfortunately, no one guessed what it really is.


Do you wanna know what it is????  It’s a mango seed.  I could not believe how big it is!  Now I am trying to start it and grow a mango plant.  Wish me luck!

So what about the contest?  Since no one won, I am giving you all a 50% off coupon, it is good for the month of May on any of my products.  The coupon code is:  LP3-Mango50

Thanks for playing, I might  do it again when I run across something weird.

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Kathy said...

The only time I've ever eaten a mango was in Jamaica and I sure don't remember the seed being that big! What a shocker - good luck with your planting. Thanks for the coupon - loved the contest.

Hapi said...

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File said...

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Andrea said...

WOW That's a mango seed? My goodness it's BIG!!!

Just poppin' over to say HI! Your blog is purdy! :)

Keyword said...
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crlin said...

Wow! A mango seed!! You really stumped us with that one!! Thank you for the coupon!!