Friday, January 29, 2010


Did you ever see a vulture up close?  Wow are they ugly, this is a Turkey Vulture that was visiting our neighborhood.  Even though they are ugly, I still wanted to get a photo, LOL!   You know I just love photographing wildlife, even the ugly ones!


Hurry!  Only a few days left to do the Recipe Challenge, you must post your layout by January 31st. 

Here's the posting bonus if you play along.


Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who ran over the mailbox?

Did I tell you about our mailbox?  We just got a check in the mail to replace our mailbox.  If you are in the market for some new mailboxes, you should check out  this site:  http://www.moremailboxes.com/

Well a few months ago, someone just plowed into it.  Knocked the whole thing over.   It was the metal post kind and it was chopped off at the ground.  Poor thing, even the little flag was broken.  We had no idea who who ran over our poor mailbox, but as luck would have it, our neighbor saw who did it…. are you ready…….



it was the mailman!  Not our regular mailman, he’s a really nice guy and would have told us or left a note.  There was a substitute mailman working that day and our neighbor saw him back up over our mailbox.  Well, we filed a complaint with the post office, it took a couple of months but we finally got a check to replace the mailbox.


Only a few days left to do the Recipe Challenge, you must post your layout by January 31st. 

Here's the posting bonus if you play along.


Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, it’s been a long time coming but I have a new kit finished.  The past few months I just lost my mojo and could not create anything new.  Well, I think I found it again.  I hope so anyway, LOL.  The new kit will be QA’d to make sure it doesn’t have any strays or boo boo’s and then it will be put in the store.   Here’s a sneak peek for you. 


So be on the lookout for my new kit. 

Are you getting ready for Valentine’s Day?  Well, DSO has lots of Valentine kits and CU items, here are a few

Charlie is having a special CU sale on some of her products.


Check out these beautiful Kits perfect for the season of romance!





And then some beautiful word art too!



And of course some Commercial Use for you to create that special kit!










Thanks Loucee for putting this Valentine’s Day ad together!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Sunday!

After church we went out for a buffet brunch at one of our favorite little restaurants.  Yummy biscuit and gravy, plain grits & cheese grits, eggs, bacon, 2 kinds of sausage, ham, hash browns, pancakes, French toast, fruit, pastries and more. I know I’m missing some of the goodies.  It was delish!! 

It’s warming up down here, it’s sunny and going to be about 75 degrees.  The pool looks inviting………….


but……………. it’s only about 60 degrees!!  Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!


We don’t have the heater on because it’s been so stinking cold and our electric bill would be outrageous!  We will probably turn the heater on in about a month.  Last year in late February we were swimming with the help of the heater. 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Don’t forget…

Don’t forget about the NEW Recipe Challenge on the DSO Challenge Blog.  Yes, we are doing the challenges a little different.  The site is going to have a makeover and we want to keep the challenges available while that is happening, that’s why they have moved to a blog instead of the forum.

How the NEW recipe challenge works:

I will give you a recipe, you use the ingredients to make a scrap page.

January Ingredients:

1  heart
2  frames
3  papers
3  ribbons

That’s 9 items that need to be on your scrap page, you may use more but all 9 items need to be on your LO.  You may use any of your kits for this challenge.

The Challenge

  • create a Scrap Layout using this months recipe.
  • upload an image of your layout to the DSO Recipe Gallery
  • leave a comment on the DSO Recipe Challenge Blog before January 31st, 2009 including a LINK to your gallery posting.  Be sure to come back and do this, without your gallery link I cannot find you to leave you love in the Gallery and send your Posting Bonus.
  • VERY Important! The email you leave in your comment will be the one I will send your posting bonus link to. Check your spam folder if you see love for your layout and didn’t get the PB.

The Posting Bonus:


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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting settled back in

We are back in Florida and getting settled. Still a few things to unpack but I’m getting there.  It was 10 degrees when we left Ohio, brrrrrr, baby was it cold and snowy.  When we arrived back in Florida the sun was shining and it was much warmer, it was about 50 degrees.  But at night it got cold, freezing as a matter of fact!  There were several nights before we got back and a few after that got below freezing and our plants have suffered some damage.  The pony tail palms are all ok, but the pigmy palm, the foxtail palm and bougainvillea have some damage.  Last year the pigmy palm had some frost damage and it came back just fine.  I’m hoping the foxtail palm that we just put in last summer comes back this year.  Only time will tell!  Everyday we are here it gets warmer and warmer.  It was about 70 here today!

Here’s a few pics to show you the damage. All the leaves were bright green when we left in mid December, not brown!


Bougainvillea with a few blooms on the back.


Foxtail palm all brown from  freezing.


Pigmy palm all brown.


Notice the green in the middle, that’s some type of evergreen so it’s used to the freezing temperatures, but the Trinette (Umbrella plant) did not like the cold.   I think these plants will all come back good as new in the spring.  I sure hope so anyway!

I’m going to try my best to be a better blogger.  I’m going to try to blog almost everyday!  But sometimes my life is just so boring, I don’t know what to write, so forgive me it it gets a little boring!  


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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Oops, forgot the frame

I forgot to put the frame in the Blog Hop Freebie, A New Dawn.  The file below has been updated to include the frame now.  And here’s a link to just the frame.  Sorry about that!   

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year & a DSO Blog Hop

I hope everyone has a wonderful NEW YEAR!  I hope 2010 brings you good health and much happiness! 

I am celebrating the New Year with a 30% off sale on all my  products over 99 cents, even commercial use items.  My sale ends  Jan. 3rd so hurry over to DSO.

Thank you for stopping by today!  Remember to comment on this post as well as all the others so you will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to DSO!  Be sure to use a valid email address so that we may contact you if you are the winner.

Here’s my part of the blog hop!


If you did not come here from Gaye's blog you have missed a stop and may want to go back to the beginning of the hop so you can get all the freebies!

The next stop is Di’s blog.  Be sure to hit every stop to collect all these goodies!