Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who ran over the mailbox?

Did I tell you about our mailbox?  We just got a check in the mail to replace our mailbox.  If you are in the market for some new mailboxes, you should check out  this site:  http://www.moremailboxes.com/

Well a few months ago, someone just plowed into it.  Knocked the whole thing over.   It was the metal post kind and it was chopped off at the ground.  Poor thing, even the little flag was broken.  We had no idea who who ran over our poor mailbox, but as luck would have it, our neighbor saw who did it…. are you ready…….



it was the mailman!  Not our regular mailman, he’s a really nice guy and would have told us or left a note.  There was a substitute mailman working that day and our neighbor saw him back up over our mailbox.  Well, we filed a complaint with the post office, it took a couple of months but we finally got a check to replace the mailbox.


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