Sunday, August 01, 2010

New Recipe Challenge at DSO

This month's posting bonus coordinates with the July posting bonus. And because some of you may already have My Favorite-Part 1, I have included an Add on too! So you will be getting 2 bonuses this month.

Here’s how the Recipe Challenge works:
I give you a recipe and you use the ingredients (different elements) of that recipe to make a scrap page. No food involved.

August Recipe:

Color Scheme: Monotone Chromatic - with at least 4 different shades of the color you choose to work with.  (A monotone color scheme is just one single hue and its variations in terms of tints, shades and saturation. Using saturation and tint/shade variations of a color is always good).

You don't have to use blue, you can choose any color to work with but it must be monotone chromatic.

At least 3 different papers

At least 3 photos

Shapes: scalloped edge on some element or paper

Elements: a hanging element (charm, tag, beads, frame... anything)

That’s 8 items you need on your Monotone Chromatic scrap page.
You may use other elements on your LO but it must stay Monotone Chromatic.
You may use any of your kits for this challenge.

The Challenge
create a Scrap Layout using this months recipe.
upload an image of your layout to the DSO August Challenge Gallery
leave a comment on THIS POST before August 31st, 2010 and include a LINK to your gallery posting. Be sure to do this, without your gallery link I cannot find you to leave you love in the Gallery and send your Posting Bonus.

The Posting Bonus: (2 posting bonuses this month) 


I hope you join us!

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